Brickxclub Workshop at Naas Library

In March our 3rd class pupils paid a visit to our local library for the Builiding with Brickxclub Workshop, as part of their Engineer's Week schedule of events.  While here they learned about some of the fundamentals of engineering and used this information to create free-standing towers with Lego, completing a challenge to see who could build the tallest tower.

Mount Lucas Wind Farm Visit

T22 Wind Turbine Mount Lucas Wind Farm
Wind turbines on Mount Lucas wind farm in action
Wind Turbines in action

During their visit to Mount Lucas Windfarm, our 5th class pupils got to learn all about the design and build of the Wind Turbines, and how T22, pictured above, is used to power their very own Learning Hub building.  They paid a virtual visit to the top a turbine (see more under the technology tab) and see a sample blade up close and even crawl inside one! 

Naas Community National School

Craddockstown Education Campus

Naas, Co Kildare

045 875 311

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