In February this year our 5th Class were delighted to pay a visit to Mount Lucas Windfarm.  While there they learned about the history of the Wind Farm - how the farm was built, where the turbines came from , how they were installed, and of course how they generate electricity.  As part of the Learning Hub experience, the pupils got to take a virtual tour of the inside of a turbine, using VR Goggles!! 

After the presentation the pupils were then able to engage with the Interactive Learning Hub.  Here they could learn more about renewable energy, label the parts of a wind turbine and take an interactive quiz.

As in previous years we have explored coding with our pupils with using Scratch, Scratch Junior and  As part of our celebration of Darwin Day this year our 5th Class pupils worked in groups to create Powerpoint Presentations about his life and work and presented them to the younger pupils in our school - check out an example of one of their projects in the slideshow below. 



During lockdown our pupils engaged with lots of online learning platforms such as ixl and twinklGo! Our senior pupils took part in a photography competition and we are delighted to say one of them has reached the final of this competition.  This Autumn, as a school, all classes will begin to work with the SeeSaw platform too.  Below you can see some of our 4th class pupils engaging with SeeSaw on our iPads - check out their task about Taking Care of our Environment

Using   Seesaw

Some of pupils were very lucky to attend a field trip to Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) in Westmeath.  While here they learned all about 3D printing and took part in some engineering design and make challenges.  Following our visit, some of the employess from IMR came to visit our school to visit the pupils and set them some tech challenges on our iPads around 3D printing.  Check out the photos across for some of the highlights from the day

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